What Constitutes a Chiropractic Emergency in Kennewick WA?

What Constitutes a Chiropractic Emergency in Kennewick WA?

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Did you know that traumatic injuries are an essential time to visit a chiropractor in Kennewick WA? After you get checked out in the ER and talk to an attorney or insurance provider as is appropriate for your accident, one of the next calls you should make is to your chiropractor. Emergency chiropractic care will help aid your healing and ensure that you are left with few residual problems from your injury.

When Do You Need Emergency Chiropractic Care in Kennewick WA?

Emergency chiropractic care is necessary after many types of accidents and injuries. Some common times that you should seek emergency treatment include:

  • Car accidents: A car accident almost always leads to whiplash and can cause spine injuries. You should seek chiropractic care within the first 24 hours for an evaluation, treatment plan, and proper insurance documentation.
  • Sports injuries: Usually cause the body to twist in unusual ways, causing spine and neck trauma. This can cause long-term problems without prompt treatment.
  • Slip and fall accidents: If you take a fall, your spine and neck suffer the brunt of the impact. Getting a quick evaluation by the chiropractor is important to your healing.
  • Acute neck or back pain: Sudden pain in your neck or back that has no clear cause is also considered a chiropractic emergency. This pain often indicates that you have disc damage, and leaving that untreated can cause lasting problems. Therefore, an immediate evaluation by your chiropractor is vital.

These are some common examples of chiropractic emergencies, but others can be. Any time you suffer an accident or injury to the spine that is sudden, you should seek chiropractic emergency care to start your treatment plan quickly.

Why Emergency Chiropractic Care Is So Important

Chiropractic care should be considered a first-line defense, not an afterthought in the aftermath of an accident or severe injury. At Akridge Chiropractic and Laser Pain Relief, we have the diagnostic tools to ensure you do not suffer long-term damage from pinched nerves, joint damage, and soft-tissue injuries. For many of these conditions, prompt chiropractic care reduces the risk of long-term issues. It also can drastically improve your recovery experience, and the amount of time it takes to recover. Seeing the chiropractor quickly also reduces the amount of pain you have while you recover.

Individualized Treatment Is Necessary for Emergencies

At Akridge Chiropractic and Laser Pain Relief, when someone comes to our clinic for emergency chiropractic treatment, we strive to provide individualized assessment and treatment. Each injury or accident case is unique, and we assess each one thoroughly to create a treatment plan that will achieve the best possible resolution.

For most patients, the first phase of treatment focuses on the immediate symptoms from the injury. After that, the goal is to allow you to function properly again and get you to a stable state. This can take a few weeks to accomplish.

You then move into corrective care. This focuses on strengthening the soft tissue around the affected joints to help keep your spine in proper alignment. Your visit frequency will start high then gradually become fewer and fewer visits a week or month as your body against stability.

The final stage of treatment is wellness care. This stage focuses on maintaining your spinal function and improving other areas of health. We take a holistic approach to this stage, helping you with everything from nutrition and supplements to sleep and exercise so you can enjoy complete wellness based on your specific goals.

Trust Akridge for Emergency Chiropractic Care And More

The chiropractic team at Akridge Chiropractic and Laser Pain Relief believes that your body can heal itself with the proper care. Our chiropractic professionals provide a full range of chiropractic care services to help with that. We offer back and neck pain relief, help with soft tissue and joint injuries, and assistance with overall wellness. We also provide laser therapy treatment for acute and chronic pain in deep tissues. Finally, our team is trained to treat neuropathy.

This means that we are here for all of your pain and wellness needs and our emergency chiropractic care. In addition, we provide nutrition and health counseling services so that you can enjoy optimal living. Our goal is to stabilize and support your spine while you work on supporting your overall health and wellness with proper education.

If you are suffering a chiropractic emergency, time is essential. The sooner we can evaluate and start treating you, the better your outcome. We will work with the insurance to help you get coverage, but do not delay treatment.

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